Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joe"s video.

Joe's Message to us.

In the months before Joe passed he gave to almost everyone he knew a paper and on it - this was written...

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, Praise God
Difficult moments, Seek God
Quiet moments, Worship God
Painful moments, Trust God
Every moment, Thank God

This message was for the family and friends of Joe for a time such as this.

I cant help but to think Joe knew we would need these words.

A Memorial Tribute to Joseph Lee Shelburne.

A tribute to my Father in Law - Joseph "Joe" Lee Shelburne.

Joe was a great father to my wife - Stephanie and her sister- Stacy Wolf. And a great friend to me.

Joe was a Farmer, retired from GE, and a American Hero / Vietnam Veteran. He served with a group of other Heros in the Kentucky Army National Guard; Charlie Battery ( also known as the "Sons of Bardstown."

Recently Joe got involved with the Whiskey City Cruisers and his last day with us was spent cruising Bardstown in his Red Chevy Nova and singing Karaoke.

Joe loved life but missed his wife Loraine. Now he and Lorainne are together - reunited again. I never got to meet Loraine - but I hope he puts in a good word for me- I hear she can be a real character.

Joe was a Staunch Patriot. He Only bought "Made in the USA". If it was not made in America he would not buy it unless there was ABSOLUTELY NO OPTION. He would either try to make it himself - repair it - or do without.

Joe was a Handy man.. he would take things people tossed out and restore it to great working order. Joe farmed - and could out work Teenagers. He worked alot with his Brother Allen- Keeping the lights on in Bardstown.

Joe was also a Master at the Grill - I know I will miss his cook outs.

Please- to the Family, Friends, and loved ones of Joe.. feel free to leave comments and send me pictures I will try to post them.

To Chris- please let us help you get to know the man that Joe was and is.

God Bless America!